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The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC is a management consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois. Although our work speaks for itself, we love hearing what our clients have to say about their experience with our consultants. Learn more about our services and call us today.


"I appreciated the extent to which Larry stayed on top of the project, reminding us as necessary of next steps and deadlines, gently "nudging" us when we dawdled and keeping everyone "in the loop". The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC's turnaround and responsiveness was outstanding. Our project was challenging and difficult that included mentoring of our project manager along the way. Larry aided me in demonstrating that sometimes gut instinct is prophetic, and he was an excellent role model when we faced the sticky issue of dismissing a vendor in mid-presentation. I would recommend The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC to any group that is facing a vendor-selection project."

TKA's communications and responsiveness was very professional and in a very timely manner too all of our requests.The support provided was very professional and the process TKA used got us to the answers we needed to address but were unable to do without Larry's help. We are very satisfied with TKA's services. Larry was most helpful to us in dealing with a very difficult matter.


"Larry was great at prompting us at various points to keep the project moving. Project updates and reports were thorough and well presented. We could not have asked for better responsiveness. Larry had a wealth of knowledge relative to conducting our projects. As a former consultant, I am aware of fee structures. Larry offers a tremendous value for the level of service he provides. I suspect that he puts in more time than he ultimately bills for. There was regular and timely communications. Information was transmitted at the time most needed for decision-making. Responsiveness to our questions were handled seamlessly and efficiently. The careful study and preparation made by The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC made for a smooth and effective consultation. Our objectives were well met and the consultation was considered highly cost effective."

"The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC's responsiveness, technical, and professional support exceeded expectations. Our overall project experience was superior in all regards"

"In addition to The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC being very responsive to our needs, the personnel took a proactive approach in helping us keep our project moving forward to meet project milestones. The many reminders and prods were much appreciated! The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC's expert assistance in planning our project and providing strategic analysis was critical to its success. The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC offered our organization excellent value. Because of The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC's services, I'm extremely confident in our understanding of the strategic issues and in our plan for the future."

"Prompt availability and responsiveness by email, phone, and teleconferences. All questions, even the basic ones, were answered promptly. The Kaleidoscope Associates (TKA), LLC was always available to us. Larry was very helpful in the development of our bylaws. The work done prior to our strategic planning meeting was most productive. As a result of Larry's experiences and interactive advice we have a solid base upon which to build our organization."